Reason Consulting is known for its real estate strategy with experience in corporate restructuring, development and estate right sizing. We regularly act as lead coordinators, working with multi-disciplinary teams, to deliver strategies for clients.

We have been involved in international deals and efficiency advice in UK, EMEA, North America and the South Atlantic to government and corporates.  Our work has often involved remote and hostile environments from Kenya & Iraq to the Falkland Islands and Canada.

One specialist focus has been providing property asset management and transaction advice to solvent and insolvent corporates in the UK and overseas.  Often creating property strategies for assets held by investment & retail banks, retailers, developers, corporates and private individuals.

Our research interest has involved The University of Bath and The Urban Land Institute (ULI UK); Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Density workshops and a ULI Europe study into the effect of Mass Migration on real estate in three European cities.